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About Deep Earth Books

Deep Earth Books is an earth-centric virtual bookstore selling a curated selection of new and used books. Topics range from ecology to practical handbooks, indigenous world views, alternative medicine, earth sciences, zero-waste, environmental policy & politics, sustainability, eco-zines, and much more! We also sell organic heirloom seeds and provide free resources for download on our website. All of our books are packaged using biodegradable materials. We pledge to give 50% of all profits to indigenous earth protectors. We are interested in partnering with teachers and hosting events in the near future!

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Meet the Founder


Sasha Burik

Sasha studied English Literature at University College London and has been a lifelong reader. She founded Deep Earth Books with the vision of creating a hub of information and resources centered on the Earth and healing the relationship between humanity and all of its fellow Earth-dwellers. She believes humankind is one piece of an infinite ecology; we cannot deny that we are part of nature, and any path into the future must internalize and cherish this fact.

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