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Buy Mens Gold Chain

Shop our exclusive collection of men's gold chains, whether you're looking for a necklace, pendant or a gold diamond chain we've got something for you. Complete your outfit with any of our 200+ styles to choose from. Payment options are available

buy mens gold chain

All of our Solid Gold Jewelry includes a lifetime warranty and free worldwide shipping. Choose from our selection of 10k & 14k Solid Gold Rope, Miami Cuban Link, Franco, Rope & Figaro chains

At Jared, our men's jewelry is the embodiment of true class and sophistication. Explore our spectacular collection of timeless men's jewelry, including earrings, bracelets, rings, and wedding bands. Every piece of men's jewelry is expertly crafted and carefully designed to help every man express his own individual style with confidence. Presented in a wide variety of metal types such as white gold, rose gold, multi-tone, as well as contemporary metals, Jared has something that will enhance any discerning look or style. Can't find what you are looking for? Create a one-of-a-kind or customized piece of men's jewelry with Jared Custom Design Services.

Brooklyn-based designer Bernard James has been making jewelry for over a decade with a continued eye for quality and detail. From delicately faceted rings to elegant flower-adorned chains, Bernard James has something for everyone.

Shop our super selection of men's chains and men's necklaces.We stock men's chains in a selection styles of widths and lengths, as well as men's belcher chains, figaro chains, men's silver & gold rope chains and anchor necklaces. We also stock a selection of solid men's curb, belcher, figaro and byzantine chains too.Chains are suitable to be used on their own or to hold a much precious pendant, like a gold crucifix or a gold St Christopher medalHallmarked jewellery from Assay Assured jeweller.

MEN'S JEWELRYEmbodying wearable luxury, our artisanally handcrafted jewelry imbues bracelets, necklaces, rings and cufflinks with the human touch. Handmade in Bali since 1975, John Hardy jewelry honors sustainable practices and traditional techniques, passed down across time. Descended from traditional Balinese chain-weaving, Classic Chain is an artform, handweaving links of sterling silver, 18 karat gold, and bronze chain, which are then massaged by hand to cultivate comfort and movement. Whether worn alone for a subtle statement or layered for impact, gold and silver chain necklaces for men and chain bracelets are as versatile as they are timeless. Add a touch of dramatic detail with bronze and silver cufflinks in our Classic Chain motif, or bring out the blue in any look with a pair in sapphire or enamel. From simple silver or gold bands to statement signets handset with powerful stones, our rings for men are as epic as they are essential. Channel your inner spirit-animal with the mythic creatures of our Legends Collection: Naga (dragon), Macan (tiger), Eagle and Cobra. Signify your spirituality with a silver necklace for men adorned with a cross pendant or opt for a Star of David necklace. Create an interchangeable chain collection with Classic Chain, Tiga, Asli and Kami. Harness the edge factor of hoop earrings for men and explore the wealth of our beaded bracelets from multitasking triple wraps in mixed metals and leather to singular styles strung with hematite, tiger iron, sodalite, black onyx, red jasper, boulder opal, lapis and bronze. Join our commitment to sustainability: each purchase from the Bamboo collection gives back through the sowing of bamboo seeds, celebrating our sustainable jewelry heritage. With discreet clasps that maintain a seamless effect while ensuring comfort to and a wealth of sizing and fit options, John Hardy jewelry epitomizes taksu, the Balinese word for soul.

It would take a few centuries before jewelry-making could refine itself to modern types of chain links that are popular today, but different types of chain styles were popular before the present mass production era.

While the appearance of the gold chain link will play a major role in your purchase, you should also be practical and aware of certain concepts. This will just make sure you know what you are getting for your money and you make a good purchase.

The first thing you need to think about is the material that makes it. If made of pure materials such as gold, silver, or platinum, then you can be more confident that your chain is going to be pretty strong.

You may also consider the way the links connect. Some connect with single links such as Cable chain and Rolo chain links, while others connect with multiple links such as byzantine and Rope Chain Links.

In its purest form, gold has a slightly reddish yellow color. For jewelry-making purposes, gold mixes with other metals to make it stronger and more durable such as silver, copper, nickel, zinc, and palladium. This alters the color to the main types we see today: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Gold-plated jewelry actually contains very little gold, as low as 0.05% gold alloy. It consists of a base material, usually brass, copper, or steel, that is then covered with a negligible amount of gold.

A. The best type of gold chain has to meet certain criteria. for starters, it contains enough gold so that it will not tarnish over time. This means gold-filled and gold-plated chains are out of the question.

Mens gold jewelry is a popular choice for many men, and it can be a great way to add style and personality to your look. Gold is an eye-catching metal that can add a touch of luxury to any outfit, and it also has long-lasting wearability.

Take on a touch of Jay Z style with our 9ct Yellow Gold Classic Cuban Link Curb Chain, you can don a chunky gold chain for a fraction of the price the rap superstar will have paid without compromising on the quality of solid gold.

As a rapper who has frequently stated Marilyn Manson has influenced his music, it seems fitting that Lil Uzi Vert would pay homage to the musician through his jewellery. First seen in 2017, his tribute comes in the form of a 14k white gold and diamond chain. This Ben Baller design includes a 55 carat diamond Mickey Mouse Manson pendant and a whopping 100 carat diamond spiked choker.

Another Migos member, Takeoff, has made our list with his extravagant solar system chain. This custom neckwear includes a spaceship medallion with the YRN logo, sun and stars, as well as 3D planets. Every part of this piece is covered with over 200 carats of diamonds and has been spotted on the rapper several times since 2017.

Worn by Gucci Mane in 2017, this decadent heavy gold chain contains a colossal 4,600 diamonds weighing 165 carats. Consisting of two panthers connected by three diamond strands, there are 1,800 diamonds in the panthers alone, with a further 2,800 making up the rest of the neck piece.

In second place is the custom N.E.R.D gold chain and pendant, owned by Pharrell Williams. It was made back in 2006 and consists of a medallion that features Pharrell and his two other band members. This impressive piece is encrusted with white diamonds as well as a huge range of coloured gemstones.

So, who has the biggest and baddest chain of them all? The answer is rapper Rick Ross with his self portrait pendant. His iconic neckwear is an extravagant iced out piece that took the competition to an entirely new level in 2008. He then took this one step further in 2010, when he was seen wearing a chain of himself wearing a chain of his own face!

Gold chains come in different types, texture, length, and thickness. The most common type of gold chain, though, are rope chains. Rope chains are uniquely designed chains that look exactly like a rope.

Solid gold chains are chains that are full of gold. They are not necessarily 100% gold, or 24k, since pure gold is not a sturdy material for jewelry. Solid gold chains have 9k-24k karat numbers depending on the amount of gold alloy included in the gold chain, with 24k having 99.9% gold alloy and the weakest.

Among the karats, 18k and 14k are the most popular because of their excellent gold and metal alloy proportion. These gold chains have 75% and 60% of gold allowed, respectively. On the other hand, the lowest karat available is 9k with 37.5% of gold alloy.

However, between these different karat numbers, 9k gold chains are the sturdiest and cheapest gold chains. So you can get quality gold chains at an affordable price, definitely making them worth the purchase.

Gold-filled gold chains, also called rolled gold, are those chains that are made by blending gold sheets to any base metal such as silver, copper, zinc, etc. gold-filled chains are in between solid gold chains and plated gold chains.

Hollow gold chains are made up of gold alloy, just like solid gold chains. However, hollow gold chains have hollow centers that look like a tube. Hollow gold chains are made just like this because manufacturers want to reduce the amount of gold being added to a piece of jewelry.

Also, by reducing the amount of gold alloy from each piece of jewelry, manufacturers can mass-produce gold jewelry at a much more affordable price while retaining good quality gold. Although most hollow gold rope chains are real (depending on their karat number), others are fake so look out for those. Since hollow gold chains are not full gold, they are less expensive than solid gold.

When purchasing gold rope chains, you might want to consider a few things beforehand. Like, is it solid or hollow gold? This page will give you a few things to remember to differentiate a solid gold chain from a hollow gold chain.

Look for the hallmark of the jewelry you will be purchasing. It is usually found in the clasp at the ends of the chain. The hallmark contains the number of karats in that jewelry, and on some occasions, a manufacturer is also included.

In conclusion, if you don't know what to purchase between solid gold rope chains or hollow gold rope chains, we recommend that you purchase solid gold diamond cut rope chains instead. They are much better than hollow gold rope chains since they are sturdier have more gold alloy contents. 041b061a72


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