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Jawani Zindabad (1990) - Where to Stream or Download in Full HD

Jawani Zindabad: A Romantic Drama Against Dowry System

Jawani Zindabad is a Hindi movie released in 1990, starring Aamir Khan and Farha Naaz in the lead roles. It is a romantic drama that deals with the social issue of dowry system in India. The movie was directed by Arun Bhatt and written by Bhushan Banmali and Rahi Masoom Reza. The music was composed by Anand-Milind.

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What is Jawani Zindabad about?

Jawani Zindabad is about Shashi Sharma (Aamir Khan), a young man who takes a stand against traditional marriage dowries, along with his friends Akbar (Rajesh Puri) and others. He is inspired by his elder sister, who lost her life being a victim of dowry system. He acts against his mother's wishes and marries Sugandha Srivastav (Farha Naaz), without asking for any dowry. He also arranges his other sister Rama's (Rohini) marriage with Ravi Verma (Jaaved Jaaferi), the son of MLA Goverdhan Verma (Utpal Dutt) and Shakuntala Verma (Shobha Khote). However, Goverdhan and Shakuntala are unhappy with the marriage, as they do not get any dowry. They plot to kill Rama and get Ravi remarried, so that they can get dowry. Shashi has to face many challenges and obstacles to save his sister and expose Goverdhan's evil plans.

Who are the cast and crew of Jawani Zindabad?

Jawani Zindabad features a talented cast of actors, who have given memorable performances in the movie. Here is a list of the main cast members and their roles:



Aamir Khan

Shashi Sharma

Farha Naaz

Sugandha Srivastav

Jaaved Jaaferi

Ravi Verma



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