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Kenshi How To Switch Weapons

Characters have two weapon slots named "Weapon 1" and "Weapon 2". The top slot can contain two small weapons. The topmost weapon will be used, unless the character is experiencing debuffs. Personal debuffs would be using a Heavy Weapon while in a building, or losing an arm. Because every weapon requires the right arm-there are no "One-handed weapons". In a similar manner, martial arts is disabled if the limbs required for certain attacks are below 0 health. Heavy weapons, crossbows and polearms require both arms to be healthy, or splinted above 0 HP.

kenshi how to switch weapons


One approach is to ensure your squad has a diverse array of wielded weapons to counter enemy defenses and find ways to syncronize attacks. A staggering blow from a heavy weapon provides openings for fast attackers to hit several in a row.

Light Armour, Medium Armour, and Heavy Armour can be mixed based on need. Lighter armors like Assassin's Rags are selected for the buff to Statistics. Heavier armors won't have these buffs. The heaviest armor can be worn without training, but the weight (or Encumbrance) of your armor and equipment will cause a penalty to run speed and your dodge statistic. It is only the martial arts characters that need to worry about dodging however, since most characters use weapons to block the enemy attacks.

Crossbows are Kenshi's only ranged weapons that can be carried. To use a crossbow, equip the crossbow, make sure that the character has the correct ammunition in their inventory, and ensure that RANGED is active under JOBS.

About the crossbow itself in general, the damage, accuracy, range, projectile velocity, reload time are all affected by the quality of the weapon. A low quality weapon will never reach the best values while the highest quality bow have minimum values much higher than the worst quality versions. Unlike other weapons Crossbows use the same quality as Armour; ranging from Prototype to Masterwork. Contrary to what is listed on a Crossbow's description they all have a Bloodloss value of 2.0x. (As in if a shot would do 100 damage against a Greenlander then they will instantly lose 40 blood)

Goal of the mod is to add flavor and polish to weapons we all know with models optimized to the limits, fixes for icons, tweaks and restored cut textures to make all the weapons looks great and load fast Mod is safe to install in middle of the save (mod will works fine without import, just do it when you sort load order!)

Metallness texture layer belong to Lo-Fi games, way of restoration and implementation is minei do hold rights as author of all the weapon meshes included in mod folder - either made from scratch or 90% remodeled from the high poly versions from Royal TuscanCoordinated of icons for my remodeled weapons are mineAll models ware made exclusively for this mod and i kind of own them so you should be fine if you include license filei will handle my own mirrors as soon as i made sure mod will work there and this is exactly how i want it to be (i wanna avoid having to update with steam systems multiple times as they like to break)

Thanks to RoyalTuscan for Developing early Models of the Weapons and sharing his sharp blade techniques - his skills are master class for high poly moddelingThanks to KenshiMongrel for finding best coordinates for Vanilla weaponsThanks to besthsq, his work leaded me to discovery pf cut metal layers and i was able to restore them without issuesThanks to Atlas for Help with Iron Axe description spelling and (probably also) Exile Blade descriptionThanks to Aiza for helpful suggestion to iron Axe icon

From: Mottaaja #004I think he means that he wants to keep 2 weapon slots empty, so he'll always have only 2 guns equipped, thus he would be able to switch between 2 guns with Y. Whenever he picks up a gun though, it automatically equips it into the empty slots.Unfortunately, it is not possible to turn it off.

Having a multitude of weapons is a sign of being well-prepared, and probably well trained to boot; that requires diligence and flexibility in your talents to be able to pick up both schools of training. Characters like this tend to have the experience to both learn a new weapon and to have learned the need of having two weapons to rely on. As a result, these characters can be slightly older... or not, but it is a potential application of the trope in a story. Two weapons can often symbolise two different things; a sword and bow for a noble soul born from humble circumstances, or, the opposite, someone of high birth either fallen on hard times... or low on morals.

Note that both in real-life and in fiction, this trope needn't be limited to individuals. Vehicles, from airplanes to mecha to battleships, normally carry at least 2 varieties of heavy weapon. The most common arrangement in real-life is a heavier, longer-ranged one meant to act as the main damage dealer, which is supplemented by a weaker but quicker firing one for use against targets which aren't worth a shot from the main weapon (either because of limited ammo or because the pilot/crew can't afford to waste precious time loading and aiming another). Interestingly, this is often reversed in fiction, especially video games: the weaker, simpler to use rapidfire weapons is more likely to serve as the main mode of attack while the more powerful, homing or explosive one would be relegated to the role of a "special weapon" for those "special occasions". Examples include tanks carrying machine guns to supplement their cannons, fighter planes carrying chainguns to supplement their missiles, or a fictional starship carrying powerful torpedoes to supplement its lasers (a reverse example).

For characters who use two different weapons at the same time, see Guns Akimbo, Dual Wielding, Sword and Fist, and Sword and Gun. Also see Knightly Sword and Shield, which similarly uses two pieces of equipment; only one is defensive. Contrast Weapon Specialization. When a character uses one of the above as their primary weapon and any randomly acquired instrument as their secondary, compare Improvised Weapon. In video games, this trope is often implemented in form of a Real-Time Weapon Change. Take the trope to its Logical Extreme, and you get Walking Armory. Not to be confused with Limited Loadout, which is more of a gameplay mechanic than a narrative one.

0.74.6-Characters now haul properly for automatic mines and machines-The slave camp was missing the slavers that actually make the slaves go to work everyday. Fixed now, but requires an import or new game.-Optimised the static geometry, improves town load times and the framerate spikes when placing/removing buildings-Fixed the bug where finishing building a wall section could cause a massive 2-minute freeze.-Fixed some AI bugs with the permanent jobs, and the slavers-Fixed crafting benches still working when they run out of resources-Fixed doors not locking-Added face morphs for the Shek in the character editor-Engineer job now repairs things again, including doors and gates-Adjusted the general contrast of the GUI for readability-Fixed some more bugs with inventory stacking-Fixed the Medicrate inventory being too small-Fixed towns not populating when you start a new game from in-game-Fixed walls missing their turret nodes-Fixed the sleeping animal AI so they can wake up and attack you-can no longer place furniture on walls-Added mouse icon for lighting-type buildings-Minor GUI fixes-Fixed storage building inventory window grid size-Fixed some inventory right click item issues-Fixed inventory item stacking bug-Dropped backpacks now save the items inside properly-Improved equipping weapons for fighting-Possible fix for the invisible backup weapon bug

0.74.8-Added separate farming and cooking skills-Fixed lights. You might have to switch all your lights back on manually.-Fixed the remaining inventory item icons-Fixed some random town buildings not being populated.-Fixed crafting bench item crafting bug-Mainbar now displays correct floor number-Added panel in the build mode to change floors-Bunch of other smaller bugs and crashes

0.74.14-More stability fixes-Fixed athletics penalty not showing in armour tooltip-Paladin and mercenary guards should now protect you in towns-Proper fix for character editor camera-Fixed item labels on ground-Fixed inventory item right click behavior-Fixed weapon stacking losing its level-Can no longer stack weapons

0.92.0FEATURES-Steam Workshop support added, new modding structure. All mod files need to be in kenshi/mods/modname/ instead of kenshi/data/. Other data files like textures should go in these folders too.-Loads of new audio and new animal sounds-Holy Nation Rebirth slave camp finished-Added holy nation slave delivery caravan to take prisoners to rebirth-Weather and birds systems improved-Game speed >>> button now speeds the game up to 5x instead of 3xFIXES-Fog islands were too foggy-Big memory optimisation-Lots of small technical fixes-Fixed the/a random stopping AI bug when following roads

0.92.2-Fixed the huge bounty bug when unlocking shackles. If you have a character with an insanely huge bounty then sorry I ruined his future.-Fixed huge knockout times when wearing shackles-sped up some of the super slow farm harvest times-stopped the unusually long-range cannibal raids-Fixed all the weapons having the wrong price-Holy nation characters freak out more when they see Skeletons

0.95.4-Added dodging to the combat system. You dodge when unarmed, and it can also be used to break out of stun-lock states-Characters now have rear-direction block animations-Tweaked the camera limit so you can look upwards a little more-A messagebox now tells you what item caused you to get arrested for smuggling-Made block animation blending look a little nicer-Added sound effect for barefoot characters-Added the plastic surgeon to empire towns-Added a few more combat stance animations for different weaponsFIXES-Fixed bounties getting deducted instead of awarded-Fixed a bug with populating towns (mongrel was a victim)-Fixed AI cores not getting spawned (needs import)-Fixed NPCs coming into your base to work at your farms-Fix for charater direction jittering when moving very slowly-Fixed some visual bugs in the wetness system-Fixed crash upgrading turrets while in use-More tweaks for crowded combat movement-Fixed the bar squads duplicating when loading a game or returning to an area


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