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[S3E8] Welcome To The Bungle

Jaguaro, as the mods have said multiple times in this thread, the idea behind putting "Mystery Incorporated" before "Where are You" is that the timeline gets reset at the end of the show, meaning that the gang met Charlie the Robot a second time in the revised timeline.You don't have to agree, but that's the choice they made. It's ultimately their timeline, and if we don't like it, we're free to make our own. (I use this list as a constant reference point, but have slightly amended it in my own Google Sheet version.) There will always be contradictions in a show with so many different versions. I would say that the gang seems pretty independent in "Where are You," suggesting that they're out of high school, whereas they're clearly still students living with their parents in "Mystery Incorporated." I tend to want to put "Where are You" before MI anyway, but there are always arguments on either side.We're welcome to make suggestions, and the mods sometimes take them, but they're under no obligation to if they like the call they originally made. So let's just enjoy the timeline and have a fun discussion and not worry about it all too much. :)

[S3E8] Welcome to the Bungle

Welcome to the blog, Arben! I'm so glad you liked it! In hindsight, I probably should have fought harder for Where Are You to be before SDMI, as I think it's a bit confusing too (and others do as well as you can see by a couple of the above comments). That was a decision by the person I co-created this with, Dallas.In his defense however, there isn't any chronological issues that would prevent you from watching SDMI before Where Are You, but it also would work in reverse. Dallas's explanation if I remember right was that SDMI started a new timeline (I won't go into details in case you haven't seen it, because spoilers!) which was Where Are You.It's more than logical to watch them in the order they were released. The point of the timeline was more to try to chronologize the series into an order which had the least continuity errors, as there have been some in the almost 50 years Scooby has been running now. There's nothing wrong with watching them in the release order, this was just a way to create a working chronology of the franchise.Again, welcome and I hope this explanation makes sense! :)

Hi Tom, no worries and your suggestion was definitely constructive!This was a joint project, so I can't take all the credit for good friend Dallas Kinard was a huge part of creating this timeline. That being said, I can't say I necessarily 100% agree with every placement either, SDMI being the obvious one. Since it was a joint project, we definitely had to make some compromises and Dallas and I didn't necessarily agree on everything.Dallas's argument for SDMI being first was based upon the fact that the end of SDMI marks a new timeline, which he argued led into Where Are You. Some of the events of the previous Evil Entity's timeline, such as the references you brought up, were repeated but occurred in a different way because they weren't manipulated by the Entity.I sort of like Dallas's explanation, but I agree with the majority of all the comments (including yours) on here. It's a big assumption to make and it's not necessarily confirmed in SDMI, but in the end I did agree to disagree with Dallas that SDMI could be placed first, with the explanation that the timeline restarted again.I really appreciate your suggestion as well and welcome to the site, Tom!

Hey Tom, of course!It's very true that most of the series don't make note of their ages. In Where Are You, it is mentioned they are in high school. In the Tim Conway episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies, it is said that the gang graduated from high school, and also that Velma graduated from a different high school from the rest of the gang. The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show explicitly states in "The Crazy Carnival Caper" that Shaggy and Daphne have both graduated from high school. In What's New Scooby-Doo, I feel like they travel too much to be in high school. Unless of course it's summer, but that brings up the question of how the heck they got all that money haha.Yeah, unfortunately. There are just too many contradictions to make everything fit neatly. I do like your method of organizing the placing of the series by the gang's exposure to real monsters.Technology and fashion make things very tough. I've dabbled a bit in writing Scooby fanfiction, more specifically set in the Zombie Island era of the franchise, and it's really challenging to try to avoid all the technology and fashion contradictions. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to add in a detail or make a joke, and then realized I couldn't do it because it creates a contradiction with the continuity of the era.You're very welcome and I'm so glad you enjoyed the list!

I apologize if my previous remarks about asking Dallas what he thinks came off as dismissive. I went back and looked and see that I didn't get back to you when I said I'd talk to him in June. That was not my intention. Since this is a collaborative project though, I don't feel right just changing stuff without telling him, which is why I always say that I need to talk to him before changing things. If there's ever a time where I say I'll ask Dallas and then forget to get back to you about what he says, you're always welcome to post another comment reminding me. It's never my intention to ignore anyone.1. It's not something I'd thought of before, but maybe it would be better to move that to the end of the timeline so it could be spaced out given Flim Flam is so much older. I would argue though that it also requires we move Return to Zombie Island and Happy Halloween, since they're all connected because of the Mystery Machine and the Sheriff.2. I haven't seen a lot of Batman, so that wasn't something I knew about (Dallas is a huge Batman fan though). That makes sense to me and I think we should change that.3. Great point. I hadn't thought about it being her little sister, but if she's in college then you're right, it's not after Where Are You because the gang was explicitly in high school in that show. In "The Spirit Spooked Sports Show" from The New Scooby-Doo Movies, the gang has a brief conversation about their old high schools, meaning they would have graduated, so maybe Abracadabra Doo could be after that series?4. Fair, I guess. I don't see any problem with keeping it where it is either, since we could just say Daphne was off doing something with the rest of the gang and there isn't anything that would require those films to be after Puppy Hour. I see your point though about grouping all the Scooby/Shaggy/Scrappy stuff together and I guess I don't really care one way or the other, since both ways work.5. Good catch. It's between Witch's Ghost which is Fall and the next year, which would mean it would have had to occur in fall or winter which doesn't work. I think the -Year- marker could be switched before that to be between Witch's Ghost and Alien Invaders.6. That's not something I'd thought about either, but I agree.7. The reboot timeline was created for Be Cool because that series provides alternate backstories to several events of Where Are You, like how Scooby discovered Scooby Snacks and reimagines some classic mysteries like Elias Kingston, the Caveman, Charlie the Robot, etc. Many of these reimagined stories directly conflict with the main timeline, so it needed to be in its own separate timeline. Only two episodes of Guess Who conflict with the main timeline. I wrote up a response to this above, which I'll copy/paste down here: The Batman Guess Who episode was previously set taking place during Where Are You, but I removed it because the Batman shown in that episode is too different from the one they meet in future episodes (The New Scooby-Doo Movies), the gang doesn't know Batman, and Velma's comment about Daphne not having an uncle. Between all that, there's just too many continuity issues so it got dumped in the reboot section. "Caveman on the Half Pipe!" also got put there, because Shaggy makes a brief comment about Flim Flam and the 13 Ghosts, so it can't take place before 13 Ghosts.I would agree with all of your tips other than #7. I'm neutral on #4, as I don't think it would be a bad thing to move it, but I don't think it causes any problems where it's at either. Again, I'm not saying this to dismiss you, but I do need to check with Dallas before changing any of this stuff. I will send him an email right now and let you know as soon as I hear. I'm sorry I forgot the last time, and I will try to be better about making sure I'm responding to everyone's comments. You're always welcome to remind me though if it happens again. Thank you for all your tips.

While trying to obtain the big-horn sheep that embodies the power of astral projection, the Dark Chi Enforcers bungle it so badly that they are banished by Daolon into limbo. Jackie, Jade and Uncle realize that the sheep has astral projected and they must figure out where the astral-sheep has gone. Daolon summons the Shadowkan to do his bidding. With Uncle's magic they locate the astral-sheep and discover that the astral-sheep can talk! The Shadowkan invade the dream scaring the sheep into the night. Jade goes to sleep to find the sheep and communicate with it. But as the astral-sheep returns to its body, Daolon is there to absorb the astra-sheep/power. Daolon uses his new powers to seperate Jade and Jackie's astral forms from their bodies and seal them out. Uncle counteracts Daolon's sealing spell, but returns Astral-Jackie and Jade to the other's body. Utimately the Shadowkan are defeated, the Astral-sheep is returned to its body and astral-Jackie and Jade are returned to their corre 041b061a72


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