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Summer Jobs For 15year Olds

Teens have a few options when it comes to summer housekeeping jobs. They can work part time for a hotel or other hospitality group, or they can set their own rates and hours with their own clients. Typically, part-time housekeeping jobs pay around $17 an hour.8

summer jobs for 15year olds

However, many summer jobs do involve establishments or duties that are a bit seasonal. For example, tourists and vacationers make certain industries busier, and the weather can make various kinds of activities more popular.

Ultimately, all of the summer jobs for teens above are worth considering. They can help teenagers build valuable skills while earning some cash, and some may even put them on the path toward a long-term career.

Local community centers and parks & recreation have excellent job opportunities for 14 and 15-year-olds. The positions include front desk support, after-school youth support, program coordinators, coaches, tutoring, lifeguards, and more. Check out your community center or your city's website to find jobs for teens.

Summer jobs allow teenagers to examine and establish their work ethic, drive, and determination. Students will gain knowledge of time management, dedication, and how to handle repercussions. In fact, summer jobs can even help you find your future occupation.

To help recent high-school graduates find good summer jobs, we asked recruiters and career coaches this question for their best recommendations. From restaurant jobs to running a produce stand to finding a job in your future industry, there are several summer jobs that may help college-bound teens earn some money, gain valuable exposure and acquire some transferable skills that will serve them well in the future.

Rising college students should consider being a valet for the summer. Valets are usually a role associated with the service and hospitality industry. Being a valet does not mean that the student has to be interested in a service or hospitality career. However, it is a great role to gain some experience in the short term. Hospitality jobs often require knowledge of customer service which is valuable information in essentially every industry. Knowing interpersonal skills and how to interact with customers will be useful to students in their future careers. Valet is one of the roles in the hospitality industry that offers major opportunities for young people to make connections as they interact with important customers from a variety of industries. Rising college students should consider being a valet for their summer job.

Find a summer job in the industry that you will want to enter after your college life has ended. Seek a job that can give you hands-on knowledge and experience that will benefit you down the road. If you have aspirations of working in the social media industry, find any internship that offers you vital insights into the inner workings of those platforms. If law, medicine or finance is your calling, go to any law firm, hospital or investment group that is hiring seasonal workers or interns. Reach out to school counselors, professors, teachers, or anyone else who can help you get your foot in the door. Be on the prowl for jobs that teach you the nuts and bolts of the field you aspire to enter.

Detailed information can be found at the New York State Department of Labor's website. Resources to Help Your Teen Find a Summer JobOnce your child has working papers, the largest resource for summer jobs for teens in NYC is the NYC Summer Youth Employment Program, which matches community-based employers with prospective job applicants. Teens can use the website to find jobs that match their interests and skills. Teens are chosen for the program through either a lottery or by direct recruitment by one of the employers. Mayor Eric Adams has promised to expand the program so there are more organizations for teens to be matched with.

Teens can also apply to work as a lifeguard, one of the quintessential summer jobs. The NYC Parks Department has all the information teens need to apply to be a lifeguard at one of the public pools or beaches, though take note: Applications for lifeguard positions traditionally open in January. Still, you can add your teen's name to the list to be notified of future openings.

The initiatives give participants vocational training as well as "soft skills," such as dealing with customers and supervisors. And they're growing rapidly. One Summer Chicago, which runs several employment programs across the city, placed 24,000 young people in jobs this summer, up from 14,000 in 2011, after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel aggressively expanded the program in recent years.

Mary Ellen Messner coordinates youth jobs for One Summer Chicago, including many for youth from low-income households. She says many such students typically don't have the social networks or access to unpaid internships to get their foot in the door in the job market.

Companies such as JPMorgan, Alaska Airlines and CVS are financially backing efforts to provide young people jobs during the summer and year-round as part of a new 100,000 Opportunities Initiative. The 29 participating firms are pledging to create 100,000 jobs, internships, and apprenticeships by 2018.

YouthWorks connects thousands of young people between the ages of 14 and 21 to summer jobs with private, nonprofit, and city and state government employers throughout Baltimore. Participants work in a variety of industries and gain workforce readiness and career-specific skills. Our partners include the City of Baltimore, the State of Maryland, local employers, nonprofits, philanthropic contributors, and the Baltimore Workforce Development Board Youth Committee.

Non-profit organizations, community groups, and government agencies interested in participating and applying for the YouthWorks 2023 summer jobs program. These positions are already funded. Contact 410-545-1820 or email for more information.

May 27, 2020: Director Jason Perkins-Cohen talks about plans for the Virtual YouthWorks 2020 summer jobs program with Aaron Henkin on WYPR's The Daily Dose. Tune in at the 13:10 mark.

Amaris Medina, YouthWorks 2021 Amaris is a rising junior at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute High School. During the summer she worked at Art With A Heart through the YouthWorks summer jobs program.

But for teens who need them, summer jobs are more important than ever even as they've become all too scarce. Recent research finds the work opportunities reduce crime and offer disadvantaged youths the experience and job connections that can help them in later years.

Despite a booming economy, summer jobs are in surprisingly short supply. The unemployment rate for 16- to 19-year-olds stood at 13.3 percent in June, three times the rate for the population as a whole.

The problem is especially acute among teens from low-income families, according to the Center for Labor Markets and Policy at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Only 20 percent of teens from families earning less than $20,000 a year are likely to have summer jobs, compared with about 40 percent from families earning more than $100,000.

A lot of us had summer jobs when we were young, but now things are different. The number of teenagers who have jobs has been steadily dropping over the decades, and now it's as low as ever. Ben Steverman has been reporting on this for Bloomberg, and he's with us now. Welcome to the show.

STEVERMAN: Yeah. If you go back to the '80s and the late '80s especially, you had, like, 70 percent of teenagers - talking about 16- to 19-year-olds - were out in the labor force over the summer. And now it's under half. It's about 40 percent or so.

We've reached sort of a critical point where less than half of teens are working in the prime months of the summer. That means that if you're a teenager, fewer of your friends are going out and getting jobs. So you might not have the networks to really be able to find something out there. I think for baby boomers and Generation X, summertime jobs were, like, a rite of passage. Everybody got a job, and you worked a lot of times next year friends. And that kind of thing isn't happening anymore. The culture's really changed.

If you want your child to work this summer, one way to motivate them is by presenting them with jobs that pay well. Here are nine top ideas that pay over $10 an hour, and with the potential to earn $40 or more.

On Monday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and department commissioners detailed out-of-school summer programs for youth, including jobs, volunteer opportunities, and arts programs at Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Libraries, and other city agencies.

Chicagobility, a six-week career exploration program for 14- to 15-year-olds, will return this summer and engage young people with career professionals through field trips, training, and projects, said Brandie Knazze, Department of Family and Support Services Commissioner.

Part-time or summer jobs can provide teens with great opportunities for learning important life skills and acquiring hands-on experience, while at the same time earning some spending money. Federal and State rules regarding young workers strike a balance between ensuring sufficient time for educational opportunities and allowing appropriate work experiences.

Looking for the best summer jobs for teens? I know I am for my 4 teenage sons. Making sure your teenager has something to do all summer is important for their well-being. A summer job teaches them responsibility, discipline, and dedication to something.

What are some of the best jobs for teens this summer? There are so many options for teens when it comes to looking for summer jobs. Make sure your teenager looks for a job that suits them well. Teens looking for summer work have the ability to find work outside, inside, or even online.

Here is a list of summer jobs for students. These jobs are all tailored for teenagers. Hopefully, there are a few that jump out to your teenager when it comes to helping them find some summer work. Some of these are fun summer jobs for high schoolers and some are not. It all depends on what interests your teenager has in particular activities. 041b061a72


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