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[EXCLUSIVE] Facebook Reactions For WordPress ( New 3D Reactions) ~REPACK~

Reactify is a WordPress plugin that implements native Facebook Reactions on your website, giving users a trusted option to express their reactions and makes the content much more engageable, Facebook friendly, interactive, immersive and accessible.

[EXCLUSIVE] Facebook Reactions For WordPress ( New 3D Reactions)

Meta is making things a lot more interesting for Messenger users, by introducing loads of new customisation options for end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) chats. You can now add themes, custom emojis, reactions, group profile photos, and more to your so-called "secret conversations". That's right, no more plain white backgrounds in encrypted Messenger chats. Here's everything you need to know.

Meta is introducing a bunch of new features for end-to-end encrypted chats on its Messenger platform, including the ability to use themes, make custom emojis, use reactions, add group profile photos, and more. This means you can now make your secret conversations look a bit more interesting, and crucially, more like your normal Messenger chats. Before this update, Messenger didn't offer any way to personalise E2EE chats. As soon as you switched to a secret conversation, all customisation options disappeared. You simply had a plain white background. It wasn't great.

But now, you can set themes, including static colour and gradient ones, to make your E2EE chats look less plain. You'll also have access to the full range of emoji reactions that you typically see in normal Messenger chats - plus the ability to customise the quick reaction tray. You can set group profile photos and see link previews that show you more information about a webpage shared with you.

Get hands-on with chemical reactions by creating oozy squishy slime! Participants will explore polymer science and take home their very own goopy concoction. Available in glow-in-the-dark or colorful options.


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