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The Complete Cricut Machine Handbook Free Ebook...

This free printable Cricut eBook offers all the fundamentals to get started using your new Cricut machine as well as how to make use of Cricut Design Space. This handbook is applicable to any Cricut you have. To get started, just scroll down to get your free Cricut Beginners Guide and explore the capabilities of your machine to make amazing projects.

The Complete Cricut Machine Handbook free ebook...

There are other things you need when operating your Cricut like a cutting mat, cutting materials, and even one of the 13 tools Cricut makes. In this book, I only have information on Cricut Design Space. It does not cover those other tools and materials. If you want to learn more about your Cricut machine, I recommend taking my free Cricut class by clicking here.

If you are looking for a new project to complete with your new Cricut machine, easy birthday cards are perfect for you! Out of the 18 Cricut birthday card ideas I am sharing today, 12 of them are free! Each card only requires a few supplies and can be made relatively quickly.

Borrow tools for free! We now offer tool lending to customers at 5 of our libraries: Compton, Lancaster, Norwalk, Rosemead, and San Fernando. Our tool lending program provides the community opportunities to check out tools and maker items at no cost. The inventory includes hammers, wrenches, electrical cords, cookware, sewing machines, gardening tools, power tools, and much more.

LA County Library cardholders over the age of 18 are eligible to borrow tools from the Tool Lending Library. Loan period for tools is seven (7) days and no more than six (6) tools can be checked out at one time, with a maximum of two (2) from the following list: drill driver, sanders, pressure washer, sewing machine, Cricut machine. Tools will not be sent to other libraries for pick up, and must be returned in-person to owning library. View the complete Tool Lending Library Borrower Agreement here.

Die-cutting machines are also used for embossing, where an impression is made rather than a cut - find out all about embossing in our complete guide to embossing techniques article.

These machines cut using software that lets you create, upload, or purchase premade designs. To draw, you can attach a pen instead of a blade. A quick tour of Instagram hashtags (#cricutexploreair2, #cricutmaker3, #silhouettecameo, #silhouettecameo3) shows the wide range of projects that people can do with these machines.

During testing, we noticed the Maker 3 was a little slower than the Explore 3, but not to the extent that it bothered us. At its slowest, the Maker 3 took 3 minutes longer to finish a complicated doily from cardstock (the Explore 3 finished in 17 minutes versus 20 minutes for the Maker 3). Meanwhile, cutting simpler projects from vinyl only took a second longer, and it completed a mandala design using the pen tool 3 seconds faster. We think this is due to a heavier dampening system, which adds resistance, causing the tool to come down onto the cutting surface more slowly than it does on the Explore 3. So although the Maker 3 might be a bit slower, the blades and machine should last a little longer.

Your two minutes of reading this handbook will be well spent setting up your Cricut so that you can start having fun with your machine right away. Mastering the ins and outs of your Cricut machine and giving it the finest care possible will guarantee that you get the best potential outcomes from it at all times. 041b061a72


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