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Best Place To Buy Berkey Water Filter _HOT_

The Berkey water filter is by far the best affordable way to get healthy filtered water to your family. I do have a few simple ways to get the original filter system even cheaper. Read all about my tips for getting a great deal on a Berkey water filter below.

best place to buy berkey water filter

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Berkey used to only bundle sales a few select times per year. Recently, they started sharing a year round bundle with some major savings, if you plan to purchase the optional fluoride filters (which I recommend). The bundle comes with the Berkey unit itself, two black filters, two fluoride filters, a stainless steel spigot and a glass water bottle.

Not saying this is the best option, but it is actually a thing people do. The best part of the Berkey water filter is the black carbon filters, and the optional fluoride and arsenic filters that do such an amazing job at transforming unhealthy water into something pure and refreshing. The unit that you see on my countertops is essentially just a housing unit for these amazing filters. There are people on internet-land that have made tutorials on how to DIY the housing. You still of course have to purchase the filters.

Since 2016, I have overseen our water-filter guides, covering both pitchers and under-sink systems. John Holecek, a former NOAA researcher, has conducted air- and water-quality testing for us since 2014. He prepared the test solutions and contracted the independent lab that Wirecutter commissioned for this guide and for our guide to water pitcher filters. That lab, EnviroMatrix Analytical, is accredited by the California Department of Health Services, and it routinely analyzes drinking water.

Big Berkey filter systems, and similar systems by Alexapure and ProOne (formerly known as Propur), are popular with people who rely on well water, which may contain contaminants that would otherwise be removed by a municipal water plant. Berkey also has a significant following among the disaster-preparedness community and government skeptics.1 And Berkey retailers tout these systems as safety equipment for emergencies, with some estimating they can provide filtered drinking water to as many as 170 people per day.

The Berkey filters showed strong performance on lead-contaminated drinking water. In our test they reduced lead levels from 170 ug/L to just 0.12 ug/L, a measurement that far exceeds the NSF/ANSI certification requirement of reducing lead from 150 ug/L to 10 ug/L or less.

Thoroughly removing the algae-bacteria slime from Black Berkey filters involves scouring their surfaces with Scotch-Brite, doing the same for the upper and lower tanks, and finally running a bleach solution through the filters. That is a lot of maintenance for something meant to give people peace of mind about their water.

I had purchased the big berkey a year earlier but had not used it. Alabama and my neighborhood had just been through the major tornado in april 2011 that devastated much of our area when I started using it. With much of the primary power lines destroyed there was only the water in the water tower until the pumps had another power source. Thank God it just missed the tower. The water was dirty and suspect so I unpacked and assembled the filter and never stopped using it. It has earned a permanent place on my counter. Save on bottled water and those pitcher filters and rates so much better. Worth the investment!!!

Our Exclusive Lifetime warranty for Berkey Water Filtration Systems ensures replacement of all Berkey canisters, spigots, washers, and wing nuts that fail due to faulty materials or workmanship. These items may be returned to us and we will send you new replacement items. There is no need to register with us; this warranty applies to any system purchased on our web site at or over the phone on or after January 1, 2019.

It made for an obvious choice since the filters were so affordable yet the Berkey removed so much from the water. Check the actual specs on the filters here -answers/performance/filtration-specifications/

When we decided to make the purchase, we went with the Big Berkey Water Filter. This system included a 2.1 gallon stainless steel chamber (upper chamber to put in unfiltered water and lower for the water to filter to), 2 Black Berkey purification elements, and a plastic spigot. This was a complete filter system for just about $250. That was a small price to pay to get clean, fresh water every single time!

Each Berkey kit you buy comes with everything you need to filter water right out of the box. This includes the upper and lower chambers, the filter elements (minimum of 2 filter elements for each size Berkey), spigot and connection hardware.

We have had our Berkey for over 8 years and have no plans of moving to something else. We have changed our filters out multiple times and given it a good deep clean every so often. But overall it is very low maintenance and we love the way the Berkey water tastes!

The Berkey water filters need to be cleaned from time to time. We notice this when it takes over an hour to filter a couple of gallons of water. Berkey gives instructions on what to do when this happens. They say it is normal throughout the life of the filters.

I made up my own cleaning regimen for the filters. Along with cleaning the outsides of the filters as Berkey instructs, it also meant taking a large syringe. You can find one on Amazon or at Walmart, fill it with clean water (you can use filtered water from your Berkey).

I usually do this about 5 times then run tap water over the entire filter to prime it a bit. An easy trick to shooting the water through the filter is to just turn the upper chamber upside down in your sink (with filters still attached in the chamber). To expose the ends of the filters and shooting the syringe in that way. Just be careful not to press too hard and damage the bottom of the chamber.

If you are in need of replacement parts or replacement filters be sure to reach out directly to Berkey for them. Berkey also keeps coming out with new components. Like a stand for the Berkey or a way to see the water level. So be sure to check their site for these extra things you may want to add to your Berkey purchase!

The Big Berkey has long been a sought after filter for those living off the grid or that just want to have better quality water during and emergency or question the quality of their well or local water. Over the years there have been some competitors come on the market that offer outstanding value and results and sometimes at less cost. Filter replacements are also easy to find and order.

Here are some alternatives to the Big Berkey that are worth looking at. No doubt that there will be more on the market as time goes on but right now most of the new filter companies are producing smaller units made for bugging out rather than sheltering in place.

The AlexaPure (Full review here!) comes with a hybrid ceramic and charcoal filter that is capable of filtering up to 5,000 gallons of water. There is space for adding up to three more additional filters for a faster flow rate and longer overall filtration capacity. For example, if you add in 3 additional filters then your AlexaPure should filter at least 20,000 gallons of water. The filter can be cleaned with a scour pad for longer life.

The disadvantage of the AlexaPure when I tested it was that it took a long time to get the filter cleared of the alcohols that it is packed in. The first filtration of water took a long time and it still seems a little slow at times. Also if you do not use your filter for a week then you have to store the filter in water to keep it from drying out. This means if you are using it at your cabin that you are not at that often or a similar situation then you have to make sure to pack it up and seal it in water in a place where there is no danger of it freezing when you are not there.

With this style of filter, you fill and hang up and water comes out the bottom into your vessel of choice when you open the valve so you have to either wait for your water bottle to fill or if you want to filter a bunch at once, you can set it up and fill containers well ahead of time.

This filter is designed to be used by a large group if needed with its outstanding flow rate of 2 liters per minute. Of course this is going to vary based on just how dirty the water you have access to is. It is always recommended that water that has sediment either be filtered through cheesecloth or a clean piece of cloth or at the very least allowed to settle out. This will significantly increase flow rates and help your filter to last much longer than usual.

Lifestraw makes the list again due to being inexpensive, effective, and ease of use. This very basic filter is easy to keep in the kitchen and can be stored or moved with ease so if you ever find you need to change locations in a hurry, this filter can still meet your needs. The flow rate is good enough to provide clean and pure drinking water for even a very large group. The prefilter helps make the actual filter last a lot longer and can be cleaned easily if a clog happens.

Doulton is a UK based water filter company that I had not heard of until researching for alternatives to the Berkey. They are a very popular filter with disaster relief organizations. The price point is far less than a Berkey and the replacement filters are extremely economical when compared to the cost of those required by AlexaPure and Berkey.

Doulton claims that this filter system can produce up to 20 gallons per day of water. Finding information on how long the silver enhanced filter candles last or are rated to is challenging at best. The answer turns out to depend on what type of filter candle you get. Doulton has a chart that lists the filtration expectations of various ones but plenty of satisfied customers claim to get a lot more use out of them than what is listed.

While I am usually very hesitant about new comer water filters, I think this filter deserves some attention at hope to be able to find out more about this. Some reviews indicate that some people store clothing in the bag and then use it as a filter later which sounds innovative but I am not sure I would want to do that. I question how sturdy the straps are as well. Xpor claims that the filter takes care of bacteria, protozoa, and more with a flow rate of 1 liter a minute. This also includes a shower head so you can use it for that as well. 041b061a72


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