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Where To Buy Leather Leggings

To show you what we mean, we've rounded up a list of the best faux leather leggings on the internet right now, from sleek, tummy-smoothing styles to trendier takes with moto details and edgy raw hems. Whether you want a pair you can lounge around in, dress up for dinner dates, or one that can do both, the list below has all that and more.

where to buy leather leggings

It works like this: Our data-powered ranking algorithm scans the web to find buzzworthy products in a given category. With information from best-seller lists, user reviews, social media, and more, this tool scores products in order to determine which 10 are the best of their kind. So, what are you waiting for? The perfect pair of faux leather leggings for you is just a scroll away.

WHAT ELSE TO KNOWThese leggings are ideal for anyone with a short torso or those who prefer a mid rise. They have a waistband that hits just above the belly button without reaching the top of the hips.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONThese leggings have a faux leather panel in the front and stretchy cotton fabric in the back, which is further proof that they are as stylish as they are comfortable.

As the leggings were no longer on sale at Nordstrom, I used a sign-up code good for 10 percent off to save $9.80 on my purchase directly from the Spanx website. After tax, that brought my grand total to $93.94 (basic shipping is free).

Unlike real leather, you can toss the leggings right into your washing machine for an easy cleaning. Spanx recommends turning the leggings inside out, so that the leather-like coating isn't exposed, before washing to help maintain the quality of the leggings.

The care instructions suggest using cold water for washing, as well as lying them out flat to dry. While I strive to air dry the leggings, there have been a few times they've slipped through into the dryer with other laundry (hey, it happens). I haven't noticed any difference in the quality or the sheen after using the dryer. But, since these leggings are a little on the pricey side, I really should launder them as the care tag recommends.

The Spanx Faux-Leather Leggings live up to the claims. There are certainly plenty of dupes out there, but when it comes to quality, fit, and style, these leggings check all the boxes. They are comfortable, fit great and slim me down in all the right spots, and are a stylish alternative to regular leggings without looking like cheap, fake leather.

Why faux leather? Many quality faux leather fabrics have achieved a look and feel very close to that of real leather, and are a fraction of the price. Not only are they machine washable, making life a lot easier for you, they are made without harming animals.

What qualities make faux leather look more real?Faux leather texture and feel are two qualities to look. The fabric should have a deep, grainy texture, and a soft feel like that of real leather. Get a closer look at our faux leather leggings.

How do you prevent bagging at the knees?Commando faux leather leggings have a four-way stretch specifically designed for a comfortable fit and to prevent bagging and sagging over time. Real leather pants will get stretched out in higher impact areas such as the knee, and end up bagging around that area.

This rich shade puts one in mind of the underappreciated wonders of the American landscape. The shade works as a neutral that enhances proportions, and, in these Edie-fit, ankle-length leggings, does so even more effectively. If you're in the mood to leave an impression of effortless chic, these Glam leggings have your name on them.

Daryl K leather leggings are made from the finest French and Italian lamb skin for the softest, most luxurious quality available. They are the original stretch leather leggings first made in 1999, known by insiders to be the best fitting and highest quality leather leggings available.

Make a product purchase on and receive free standard shipping within the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. Offer does not apply to Canadian orders. No adjustments on previous purchases. Offer cannot be combined with other offers. Offer does not apply to purchases from other retail outlets of SPANX brand retail stores. Offer is void where taxed, restricted or prohibited by law. Offer is not redeemable for cash. Offer is non-transferable and subject to change without notice. This offer is made by SPANX, Inc.

Well, I finally was influenced and caved. But not after some significant research. You probably already know this but there are two heavy hitters on the market when it comes to faux leather leggings. The Spanx version, which I already mentioned, and the pair from Commando. Both are very popular, about the same price, and have high waist control tops. But which to purchase?

The two main differences I heard was that A) the Spanx pair is more faux leather looking and therefore more conducive to a sportier or casual look and B) that the Commando pair are thicker, therefore, are better for winter weather.

There's just something about leather leggings that never get old! They are slick, chic, and stretchy, and elevate any outfit while you stay comfortable. We're going all in and you'll want to 'Bet On Me' too when you try these babies on!

Womens leather pants have come a long way from stiff, impractical unwearable options that seemed to be for rock stars or high fashion models to modern, accessible brands that now cater to anyone wanting a bit of edge and chic in their daily wear.

The use of animal leather is not a common practice anymore, so the market now has a range of gorgeous faux leather choices that are easy on the pocketbook and on the more environmentally conscious side as well!

I CANNOT get enough of my black Spanx leggings! They are so stylish and ultra-versatile for travel. They can be dressed up for a night on the town or down for a low key look during the day. However I decide to wear them, I always feel and look put together.

These super cute faux leather leggings Target sells by Wild Fable have an elastic waistband that sits on the tummy comfortably and the spandex gives stretch where it counts. You can wear them gussied up for work with flats or wedge heels, or go casual with slip ons or tennis shoes.

Wear these stylishly cute black faux leather pants for a business casual day or lazing around at home (while looking good!), or take on a trip. The ankle cut of this skinny leather pant would look fab with flats, sneakers, or ankle boots and you can even store small items in the cargo-like pockets on each side.

Known as a yoga brand, you could easily hit a Hatha class in these 90 Degree by Reflex fake leather front leggings and then throw on a blouse and cute jacket with some slip-ons for whatever you have planned next!

Feel chic while doing the downward dog in a pair of faux leather yoga pants by CRZ. Made of polyester and spandex these are lightweight, breathable, and are quick to dry. The wide waistband and high rise offer a little tummy compression.

This type of fabric is not like traditional leather. Most fake leather is machine washable, typically on a gentle cycle and you can dry it on a gentle as well, or simply hang to dry if you have the time!

To maintain good proportions and create dimension with your look, opt for blouses, button-downs, knits, and T-shirts that are tailored or oversized. This will offset the fittedness of the leggings.

Neutrals are a great idea when you want to look polished and classic. Obviously black pairs well with other neutrals, and this combo provides a classy look but with a touch of trend with the leggings. I wear this type of look to meetings, or when I have a fun accessory (like a bold statement necklace) that I want to show off without being too loud all over.

Thankfully, age and maturity have served me well and these instances are few and far between. However, recently I found myself in a predicament I thought would not befall me for many years to come. I was red raw, hot, sweaty, breathing heavily through a pain which seemed to be everywhere while simultaneously pushing, shoving and squeezing my bottom half.

I have worn the leggings more than any item I have bought in the last six months. The Spanx go with everything: jumpers, shirts, hoodies, t-shirts and a good dressy top. Paired with heels they make me feel powerfully cool like Debbie Harry, worn with trainers I feel I have the prowess of an Instagram influencer.

Textured knits make great layering staples, and this one is medium weight with a pretty shrunken fit and semi cropped length. I sized up to XS and am keeping this one, though could have possibly even sized up one more for a looser fit! Shown above with the cream leather leggings, and below with a pair of kids joggers I got 2 years ago since they fit me better than the adults. 041b061a72


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