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[S5E21] California Part 1

The Amy and Jonah relationship in particular has some fabulous moments at the end that hopefully keep shippers satiated for the time being. Ben Feldman and America Ferrera navigate these moments masterfully, and there are quite a few feels to be had.

[S5E21] California Part 1

After NBC had initially announced the sixth season renewal of the series, the network revealed on February 28, 2020, that series star America Ferrera would be departing at the end of the fifth season, citing she has new projects and wants to spend more time with her family.[31] However, due to season 5 production being halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ferrera returned to finish the story of Amy's departure in season 6.[32]

In Chicago, Illinois, Death exits his automobile and ambulates on the sidewalk, killing a man who rudely brushed past him. The song O Death can be heard in the background, heralding his arrival. Back at Bobby's Salvage Yard, Sam, Castiel and Bobby depart to stop a virus outbreak, while Dean and Crowley go to locate Death to stop him from destroying a whole state. Before leaving, Crowley reveals he gave Bobby back the use of his legs in the deal which allows the latter to walk again, which delights him and the boys. 041b061a72


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