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Elijah Moore

Life: The Science Of Biology, 9th Edition

The science of biology evolves. The science classroom and lab evolve. In this edition, as always, Life: The Science of Biology evolves with them, in innovative, authoritative, and captivating ways.

Life: The Science of Biology, 9th Edition

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (CU) - "A fully searchable collection of articles by scientists and historians in the fields of biochemistry and physiology, cell biology, developmental biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, immunology, molecular biology, neuroscience, microbiology and virology, plant science, structural biology, science and society."

Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia (CU) - Topics covered in this 9th (2002) edition include animal science, anatomy, astronomy, atmospheric science, chemistry, computer science, earth science, energy sources, information science, life science, mathematics, physics, planetary science, plant science, space science, and a host of other subjects. 041b061a72


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