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Pipe Flow Expert V7.30 20

in the united kingdom, piping to en 10255, (steel tubes and tubulars suitable for screwing to bs 21 threads) is also used in applications where the pipe is screwed rather than flanged. they are commonly referred to as blue band and red band; this being due to their banded identification marks. the different colours refer to particular grades of pipe:

pipe flow expert v7.30 20


successful production system design and operations requires a detailed understanding of multiphase flow behavior. flow modeling and simulation provides valuable insights into flow behavior, including the physics describing flow through the entire production systems, from reservoir pore to process facility.

variations in the fluid properties due to changes in the temperature and pressure, or flowrate, may alter the velocity, density and viscosity of the fluid. this can have a significant effect on the length of the pipe, as well as the predicted arrival time of the fluid at the reader. the depth of the fluid column will vary within the length of the pipe. this variation is termed the volumetric flowrate and is calculated from the rate of change of the fluid column length.

the speed of flow is dependent upon the average velocity and the length of the pipe. the average velocity is calculated by dividing the total mass of the fluid passing the measurement point during the time interval into the length of the pipe.

the application of the darcy equation enables the prediction of flow rates using the average velocity, flow rate, viscosity, roughness and fluid properties, thus enabling the optimal use of the maximum available pipe length. this is particularly useful in applications where the available pipe length is short, e.g. with thermal energy applications.


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