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En 10088 2 Pdf [2021] Download

DIN EN 10088-3 :2014 Stainless steels - Part 3: Technical delivery conditions for semi-finished products, bars, rods, wire, sections and bright products of corrosion resisting steels for general purposes

En 10088 2 Pdf Download

For Cold rolled stainless steel the old BS1449 standard has been replaced by two EN Standards:EN10088-2Replaces BS1449-Part 2: 1983EN10059 - Covers Heat Resisting GradesEN10259 & Now ISO 9445: Tolerances for COLD Rolled material

In principle the surface of stainless steel sheets is shiny metallic. Depending on manufacturing the state varies. Hot-rolled products have a rougher surface than cold-rolled products. The surface treatment can be important for the corrosion resistance. You can find an overview of the possible versions according to DIN EN 10088 on this homepage.

Grade 301L, which is the low carbon form of grade 301, is the ideal choice for applications that require good ductility. Grade 301LN is another variant. This contains a higher percentage of nitrogen and exhibits a higher work harden rate compared to standard 301. Only grade 301 is specified in ASTM A666. 301L and 301LN are represented by other conventions. Grade 301L is represented by JIS G4305 and 301LN by EN10088-2 as grade 1.4318.

The key properties listed in the below sections are for flat rolled products such as plate, sheet and coil - specified as Grade ASTM A666. For other grades, EN10088.2 and JISG4305, it is not necessary that the values and properties are identical.

Quarto Plate is hot rolled plate over 12mm thick that has not been coiled during production.CPP is Continuously Produced Plate up to 12mm thick that has been coiled during rolling.Sheet is Cold Rolled.Stainless steel types 1.4401 and 1.4404 are also known as grades 316 and 316L respectively. Grade 316 is an austenitic grade second only to 304 in commercial importance.316 stainless steel contains an addition of molybdenum that gives it improved corrosion resistance. This is particularly apparent for pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments.316L, the low carbon version of 316 stainless steel, is immune to grain boundary carbide precipitation (sensitisation). This makes it suited to use in heavy gauge (over about 6mm) welded components. For elevated temperature applications the high carbon variant, 316H stainless steel and the stabilised grade 316Ti stainless steel should be employed.The austenitic structure of 316 stainless steel gives excellent toughness, even at cryogenic temperatures.Property data given in this document is typical for flat rolled products covered by EN 10088-2:2005. ASTM, EN or other standards may cover all products sold. It is reasonable to expect specifications in these standards to be similar but not necessarily identical to those given in this datasheet.Stainless steel grade 316Ti contains a small amount of titanium. Titanium content is typically only around 0.5%. The titanium atoms stabilise the structure of the 316 at temperatures over 800C. This prevents carbide precipitation at the grain boundaries and protects the metal from corrosion. The main advantage of 316Ti is that it can be held at higher temperatures for a longer period without sensitisation (precipitation) occurring. 316Ti retains physical and mechanical properties similar to standard grades of 316.

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