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[S1E4] Meet The Parents

For the most part, Daniel's family was excited to meet Noa. Rafael was skeptical and approached with caution. Rafael hasn't had a good experience with celebrities and harbors resentment for all of them collectively.

[S1E4] Meet the Parents


She could have lied to her parents, but Natalie realized what she wanted and who she wanted to be. It was her chance to be honest with her very Catholic parents finally. The band-aid was already halfway ripped off, why not rip it off entirely?

Max's gray suit when he meets Lorelai at the parent-teacher meeting is also horrendous. The jacket is SO LONG and makes his legs look like tiny little stumps. The tie is also ugly and looks like the type of wallpaper you'd see in a wannabe high-end cigar bar.

While Rory struggles with life at Chilton, Lorelai and Funky Cold Medina make goo-goo eyes at each other and flirt over bad coffee and inappropriate outbursts (Lorelai calls Headmaster Charleston "il duce," which is pretty funny). Lorelai's commitment to Rory has always been equal parts horrifying and endearing to me. It's nice that she wants to be involved in her daughter's life, but also ridiculous that she asks if parents are allowed to watch students take the AP test. Come on, Lorelai. If you're bored enough to want to watch a bunch of students sit in silence and write things you can't even see, it's no wonder you're putting out the vibe during Rory's parent-teacher meeting.

Trevor and Philip fix the tech that was damaged in the original shoot out. Hall and Luka head out to hand it off to the next team, while McLaren goes to meet Forbes and kill him. McLaren and Forbes meet in a lot full of storage containers, and begin making their way through. They stop when a car arrives. An entire FBI strike team rushes out to arrest the men in the car, who turn out to be Luka and Hall. McLaren double-crossed them.

Later at the reservation, Harry's welcomed with smiles and a giant plate of food. He also meets Drew (Tommy Pico), who's visiting family and seems to have immediate insight into Harry's place as an outsider.

Her parents aren't the only people she leaves hanging, though. Upon seeing Elliot waiting for her at the diner, D'Arcy is so overwhelmed that she chickens out and ends up not going on their date. And Liv? She's starting to think she might have been abducted by aliens. What other explanation is there for her memory loss?

The (Somewhat) Happily Ever After Soly arranges for Vivien and her mother to meet with Detective McCracken from Special Branch to hand over the evidence. Vivien shows the detective extensive evidence that Jordan is trying to overthrow the UK government with receipts for the purchase of guns, bomb-making equipment, and more. There is also evidence that he is using disadvantaged white men and teenage boys from borstals (the UK equivalent of juvenile detention centers) for his fascist militia. Unlike the lieutenant from Episode 3, McCracken promises that Jordan and his associates will be punished to the full extent of the law.

Franklin and Leon meet Avi at his home and he is not happy with them bringing Karvel who is trapped in the trunk of his own car to his place. Franklin suggested it was an offering since it was his money the Karvel stole and makes another suggestion to strap a kevlar vest on him for his gunplay. A young woman approaches Avi and asks if they were still going to practice some tennis. He of course lies to her about adopting Franklin and Leon. She then heads back into the house. Avi then brings a shovel to Franklin and suggests taking Karvel to the Mojave Desert to off him and bury him deep.

During the ultrasound, they discover the tumor is half the size of the fetus; Melendez informs the parents that the safest course is to terminate the pregnancy; the parents say they want to do whatever it takes to save the baby, asking about fetal surgery. He informs her of the dangers to her because of her own condition and could have fetal consequences. The couple talks about it, with the husband saying they could try again for a baby; but Shaun says they can use other medications to save the mother too. Out of the room, Melendez orders Shaun to never contradict him in front of the patient again; Shaun says they are not in front of the patient now. Claire also chimes in and Melendez tells them to get her prepped. Dr. Marcus Andrews is covering the ER for Dr. Audrey Lim and needs someone to lance a boil; he sends down Claire and Shaun but not before Claire protests saying it was their idea that convinced him to do the surgery and now he is punishing them for that. Melendez says he is only punishing Shaun for being late and she needs to go with him because she defended him.

When they get to the ER, they learn her "boil" is on her labia, but Claire wants to take a look. The patient is experiencing pain which isn't normal for a boil and Shaun suggest she could have flesh-eating bacteria. Melendez speaks to Andrews about the surgery on his pregnant patient, and after questioning if his judgement is clouded, Andrews agrees. Claire is examining Oliva Hartman, the patient explaining the abscess is probably from an untreated chlamydia infection. Shaun begins to visualize everything as she shrieks in pain. Shaun tells her to go on a more upward angle and he offers to try. Claire tells her there is nothing to be embarrassed about as Shaun says 25% of college students contract and STD before graduation. She says she gets tested for STDs every 30 days, giving the nurse pause. She reveals she gets the test every 30 days because she does porn. Melendez talks to his whole team, about how vitally important this surgery is but is interrupted when Jessica Preston calls him out of the OR. He meets with the father who says he doesn't want to do. Melendez tells him that he doesn't have a veto over his wife's medical condition; Jessica informs Melendez that a husband cannot stop him from operating on his wife but he can stop him from operating on his baby.

Jared and Claire are talking about the patient's role in porn, when Shaun pipes in, shocking Jared that he watches porn. Melendez tells them to go home and get some rest and stay away from video games or whatever was keeping Shaun up, telling Jared to go home too since the fetal surgery was put on hold. The board meets to discuss their options but they know if they to nothing, the fetus will die inside the mother and the mother will also die as well if they do something legally complicated, they could both live. Melendez returns and shares the news with the parents; Barb Allen tells her husband, Mark Allen is he loves her he won't protect her, she needs his support, surgery is the morning. Claire talks to Jared in bed, saying it's hard to believe her patient does porn as she doesn't seen the type. She tells him about working in a youth shelter and all the sex workers have this certain vibe. He thinks it's a huge deal that she shared some personal stuff with him. She kisses him to shut him up. Jessica and Neil talk about the pregnant patient; she wonders if she is of sound minds and could adopt if she wants a child that bad. She thinks it's selfish to put her husband through so much to have a certain experience when there are other ways; this conversation makes Melendez wonder if she wants to have kids naturally with him. He's trying to be serious but she says when they are in meeting, he is to never call her ideas ridiculous.

Holiday finds herself flying on a hoverboard, which leads her to the docks. There, she finds Badger, the boy from the hospital, who warns her that her family is lying to her, and that her 'real family' is coming for her. After being found by Cyrus, the next day Holiday prepares for her first day of school. When she forgets her hoverboard, however, she finds her parents talking about... 'the truth about Holiday'?

At the facility the guard discovers Liz doesn't have proper clearance, as she claimed, and she should not be there, but she slips away. In order to maintain tabs on her, Ressler decides to go to New York, where Liz is testifying in the case against Hector Lorca. He tells her he wants to go just to see someone of Lorca's ilk to be put away. She doesn't buy it though, she knows he is going to surveil her activity. As he tells Liz that he will be accompanying her, Meera Malik tells Liz that Dembe Zuma has called, Raymond Reddington wants a private meeting.

Liz's kidnap and Lorca's escape spur the FBI into action and Red is given permission to contact Lorca and provide him with a new identity. Ressler insists on accompanying Red to the meeting. Red tries to dissuade him from coming but Ressler insists. Red tells him Lorca will have questions and his answers should be 'breviloquent'.

They make their way together into the narrow streets of King's Landing, which are alive with pyromancers and tightrope walkers and fortune tellers and drunks and peasants rutting away in alleys. It's exotic yet grimy: Cirque du Soleil meets Circus Circus.

Otto meets with Viserys in the king's bedchamber, where, I just now notice, the guy has hung some wildly explicit tapestries on every wall. Between his giant scale models that take up most of the room and the fact that he's given this really porny art pride of place, the show is painting a very specific picture of the king.

We support the rights of all students to receive a free, appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment to meet their individual needs. Our goal is to prepare them to participate in and serve their community with dignity and pride.

HCPSS staff work to ensure high-quality special education services are delivered in a consistent and collaborative manner. Our leaders develop transparent, open and accessible communication to ensure that parents, guardians and community members trust in the integrity of the school system and are active and valued partners.

Pete's professional and personal lives become more complicated as he struggles to assert power in each. His parents dismiss him and Trudy's parents overpower him in apartment hunting and he further alienates Don and endangers his own position at Sterling Cooper. Pete decides to take a risk that will cost him the job. He is subsequently discovered and fired; however, Bertram Cooper has other plans in store for Pete. Helen Bishop asks Betty for a favor. 041b061a72


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