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Simcity 5 The Pirate Bay


simcity 5 the pirate bay

I havent pirated a game in a long time. I used to, when I was younger, had less money, didnt know any better etc.These days I pay for games as how can we expect to keep playing if we dont? The studios and people who make our games need the money to keep operating, its their job and they need to get paid, as do we in our respective jobs.As games get more expensive I will just be more selective on what I buy on release, and the rest I will wait for bargain bins or 2nd hand trades. But if you have PS+ then you really dont need to buy every new release that catches your eye, just buy your favourites and wait for a few months as the big titles will be free eventually.Games being expensive is a poor excuse for pirating, you just have to be smart and you dont have to spend a fortune.

@Alien Emperor TrevorSorry but you only have a fraction of the reason people pirate PC games. Let me fill you in on what you clearly do not get and hopefully this will change your perception because there is such a thing as justified PC gaming piracy.

What all you gamers posting comments protecting game developers andSo when it comes to the IP block, both Valve and the Game developer are 100% fully responsible for 1/4 of the PC Gaming Piracy for forcing gamers into that situation. And have no right or business complaining when their games get pirated under these conditions.

Since I could actually afford games, I have pirated less and less. I think the only game installed on my PC at the moment that I do not own, is Dawn of War Soulstorm (I own the rest of the game but could not find the DVD for that at the time). It helps that PC games have this online craze and I do not buy those games that force me to play single player online anymore. My console was modded, but I even removed that after a while as I only played my legal games in any case.

The reason people pirate games is because its easy and hassle free. Imagine the scenario where you buy a game but the single player is online only and needs a 3 gig patch on the day of release.The patch is finally finished but the servers are overloaded and has high pings and just logging in is an issue. Meanwhile your friend sitting right next to you has downloaded from piratebay, installed and is already lv 20, no hassles. How would you feel knowing you did the honest thing and fork out your hard earned cash just to sit with issue after issue where your buddy who got it for nothing is jamming and having a good time?

Another reason,since there are almost no demos for games you get amped for footage on youtube and preorder a game only to find out it is NOTHING like what was shown or you get plagued with the above mentioned scenario. Yes im talking aliens:colonial Marines and simcity.

I spent great amount of money on steam on games with great trailers and awesome feature lists just to find out it is horrible crap. One day I said stop! With complete lack of any quality control on Steam and given the fact the most games today are from indie developers I beleive it is necessary to try the game first from pirated source. Otherwise there is absolutely no protection for buyers.

Keep your citizens moving with beach volleyball, the waterpark, and the aquarium. Make sure they have some thrills with a roller-coaster, merry-go round or a pirate ship, and add some luxury to their lives with a yacht marina, charming lighthouse or a romantic pier.

Barnacle Bay is a world available for download from The Sims 3 Store, as the second world that The Sims 3 Store has released.[1] It is based on a moderately temperatured island with a tourist pirate theme. It became available to download on September 23, 2010. Prior to the release of The Sims 3 Barnacle Bay, the price was 1650 SimPoints,[2] but after the release of The Sims 3 Barnacle Bay, the price was raised to 2000 SimPoints. As of May 2012, Barnacle Bay is no longer available for purchase with SimPoints. Instead, it was included in a bundle worth $20 that includes 100 SimPoints and several exclusive contents.[3] Barnacle Bay was also given freely as part of The Sims 3: Island Paradise pre-order on Origin.

An island nestled in the Simuyan Sea, Barnacle Bay is a vibrant vacation getaway with stunning beaches, campgrounds, parks, and a curiously modern downtown. First settled by pirates, fisherman, and artists - the world's inhabitants now enjoy relaxing at Smuggler's Beach and letting loose at The Wanderer's Watering Hole. Will Your trip be a vacation or a staycation?

Barnacle Bay is by far the city with the deepest connection to the sea and to pirates. The city features four default beaches. The new clothing and personalities introduced are also outdoor-like, and many Sims possess the Angler trait.

In the magical world of Fantasy Island Sim live many tribes, each with their own quests, skills and secrets. The pirates for example like to explore the secrets of the world and collect treasures found in chests. Need to boost your economy? Trade goods and resources with the gnomes. One day the Dwarfs will build their castle, until then they will harvest ore and forge gold for you. The elves are legendary in solving daily quests by using their magic. The villagers love to farm and produce crops.


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