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O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack Deluxe Edition Rar [PORTABLE]

Naked Feet & Holy Fire (from the album Zeal) - Kings Kaleidoscope (4:18)Matriarch of Manhattan (from the album A Marginal Sea) - Strange Her (3:12)Us and Them (from the album Unveiled) - Amy Savin (4:11)Hey Mary (single) - Eric Jones* (4:01)How Can You Live With Yourself (from the upcoming untitled album) - Zilch (3:33)Hope Beyond Hope (from the album Deconstruction) - Ian Yates (2:36)Reset (feat. Reese Roper) [from the album Till the End] - October Light (2:47)Creation Groans (from the EP Era Regnum) - Wild Earth (4:35)The Streets (feat. John Mark McMillan) [from the album Vulnerability] - Strahan (4:17)Control (from the EP The Narrows) - Roelant (4:39)Wishing Well (from the EP Chapter Three) - Leem of Earth (3:58)Lonely Saints (from the upcoming untitled album) - Chase Tremaine (5:49)Mighty God (Another Hallelujah) [from the album Paradoxology] - Elevation Worship (4:28)I Never Knew (from the album The Longing) - Ben Ford (4:49)More Good Than Bad (feat. Keyes.) [from the album Be Clean Again] - Heath McNease (4:01)It's OK (from the mixtape Boom Bap Soul) - Elohin (3:12)The End Is Near (feat. Re:flex the Architect, Krum, and Melissa Carter) [single] - Paradox (4:11)Delorean (from the EP Flying Cars) - HeeSun Lee (3:56)It's A Wonderful Life (from the EP It's A Wonderful Life) - Josh Engler (3:05)Hanging Onto Every Word That You Say (from the maxi single Wait) - Michael Hughes Watson (4:49)Whitewash (from the album The Venture) - Drakeford (3:22)Nosebleed (single) - Benjamin Daniel (2:35)Sweet Nora Lee (single) - Joshua Clifton & the Blackbirds* (2:05)Backyard (single) - Whale Bones (4:12)Short Fiction (single) - Empty Atlas (3:56)Better Than This (from the album Hot & Catchy) - The Easy Button (3:18)I Didn't Come Here To Die (from the album I Didn't Come Here To Die) - White Collar Sideshow (3:45)Breaking Waves (from the album Liquid Exorcist) - Rusty Shipp (3:45)Closer To You (single) - Deep Valleys (2:59)The Talking Heads (from the EP Mirror You) - Feral Vices (2:53)Pariah (feat. Joel Holycross) [single] - Poetic Descent (3:35)Wake (single) - WORDS* (3:13)Breach the Borders (from the album Return To Your Rest) - When Forever Ends (5:37)Outlier (from the album Hunger & Thirst) - Weeping Hour (3:59)Doomsday (single) - Ironside (4:25)Broken (single) - I Still Dream (4:20)The Void (single) - Collision of Innocence (3:53)Afterthought (feat. Stephen Christian) [from the EP Spinning] - City of Auburn* (4:09)Firestarter (Doug Weier Remix) [from the album Stones Reloaded] - Manafest (4:05)Walking Contradiction (from the EP Walking Contradiction) - The Ashamed & Shunned (3:27)Peep That (from the album Hunger Pains) - Mike Sarge (3:10)What's It Worth (from the album One Day I Will Fly) - Davecreates (4:32)Queen of a Wasteland (from the album Heaven Come Down) - Becca Bradley (3:07)Creature (from the EP Cagestage) - Zambroa (2:54)What It's Like (from the EP All But Lost) - Andrea Hamilton (3:23)Three Birds In Babylon (from the album She Waits) - The Gray Havens (4:01)Caught Dancin' (demo) - Kid Ambient Arcade (5:13)God and God Alone (from the album Surrender) - Dawn Michele**** (3:42)The Darkness Won't Survive (from the album Songs in the Night) - Paradox Music (5:45)Holy (feat. Leeland Mooring) [from the EP Your Love] - Danielle Noonan (4:55)Mourning Marrow (from the album Carefully Out of Nowhere) - Idylls (4:14)To the Dawn (from the EP To the Dawn: Reimagined) - Sara Groves*** (3:48)Sing (from the album Coming Home) - Valley's End (4:32)River of Life (from the EP When You Go) - Theo & Brenna (2:50)House On Fire (from the album Monument) - Wild Harbors (3:44)Dream (from the upcoming untitled album) - Mark Lee Townsend (4:04)Who I Am (feat. Lacey Sturm) [from the album Soundtrack, Vol. 1] - Reflect Love Back** (4:17)Who I'm Not (OG) [single] - Jenny & Tyler (4:23)When A Heart Wakes Up (from the album When A Heart Wakes Up) - Adam Watts (3:51)Better (from the album Hide No Truth) - Good Saint Nathanael (4:13)Running for the Light (from the album In This Pilgrim Way) - Wilder Adkins (3:06)The Keeper (24-25) [from the album Jude] - Psallos (3:21)*courtesy of Honey Gold Records**courtesy of The Fuel Music***courtesy of Fair Trade Services****courtesy of Burtonwood Records

o brother where art thou soundtrack deluxe edition rar

The Beatles were initially unimpressed with the animation for "Yellow Submarine," though the bandmates later changed their minds. As a result, they only put together a few new songs for the soundtrack, relying on songs from previous releases. Side two consists of classical-style instrumentals composed and arranged by the band's producer, George Martin. Both the album and film endure as psychedelic classics.

Can you imagine the Star Wars franchise without the iconic themes from composer John Williams? Among his contributions: the "Main Title" theme, which first appeared on the original 1977 soundtrack, a double album that's been reissued numerous times. "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)," appeared on the soundtrack to 1980's "The Empire Strikes Back."

Another "Fifty Shades" movie means another hit soundtrack of seductive songs. This time, artists like Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Corinne Bailey Rae, Halsey, Nick Jonas, and Nicki Minaj contribute to the famously risque franchise. "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" by Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik was the album's lead single, breaking the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Some of score composer Danny Elfman's theme music is also included on the soundtrack, though his complete score was released as a separate album.

What good would a movie about teenage vampires and werewolves be without a number of dramatic hit songs? Thom Yorke, Muse, The Killers, and Death Cab for Cutie all contributed to this soundtrack. Originally slated for release on Oct. 20, 2009, the launch was pushed up four days due to overwhelming demand.

Soul singer Isaac Hayes wrote and performed on the soundtrack for 1971's "Shaft," winning an Oscar, two Grammys, and a Golden Globe. For those who have seen the movie, it's impossible to even think of it without hearing Hayes' unforgettable "Theme from Shaft." The remainder of the album consists of instrumentals, infusing the film with a signature tonality.

When the first "Twilight" movie arrived in theaters, hordes of mostly female teenagers feverishly picked up whatever the franchise tossed their way, though that's not to say the success of the movie's soundtrack was a fluke. It contains a variety of appropriately moody songs from Muse, Paramore, The Black Ghosts, Linkin Park, and even Robert Pattinson himself. The album sold better than any theatrical soundtrack since 2002's "Chicago."

- Highest rank on Billboard 200: #1- Date of soundtrack peak: Nov. 5, 1966French composer Maurice Jarre produced iconic instrumentals For 1965's "Doctor Zhivago," including "Lara's Theme," a tune that would later provide the basis for the hit song, "Somewhere, My Love." The film won five Oscars at the 1966 Academy Awards, including Best Original Music Score.

Vangelis' influential work on the Blade Runner score had a huge impact on sci-fi as a whole. The opening flyover shot of a dystopian city coupled with soaring synths will always be looked to as a benchmark for quality. A succession of replicants has tried their best to mimic Vangelis' approach which has since become so iconic. Even in a period where synthesizer soundtracks were ten to the dozen, it still had the strength of character to stand out on its own.


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