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This Exergen 124292 TAT-5000 Thermometer with Security Mount and Coil Cord is attached to a wall mount.Features:Temporal Infrared Thermometer The TAT-5000 has been designed with the exceptional durability and longevity required for intense hospital use.The Exergen TAT-5000 Temporal Thermometer is the most recent advance in medical thermometry - fast, simple, and highly accurate. The Exergen Thermometer works by scanning across the temporal artery, making thousands of individual readings as it does so and selecting the best one. Since the temporal artery contains blood flow from the heart and is millimeters beneath the skin, it is an excellent predictor for core body temperature.The Infrared Thermometer is easy for professionals to use: press and hold the button, scan the probe across the side of the forehead to the hairline, then lift the Thermometer and place it below the earlobe, then release the button, and read. It takes less than a second for the Temporal Scanner to measure temperature. This non-invasive technique is superior to oral and ear thermometry and as accurate as rectal temperatures but without the lag time. That TAT-5000 can be used with clinically-tested accuracy on all patient types, from neonates to geriatrics.The sensor head of the Infrared Thermometer is built to last with a white copolymer material that withstands strenuous disinfecting cleaners and chemicals. Disposable covers are also available - See accessories below - which make it unnecessary to disinfect after each use. The TAT-5000 lens itself is made of pure silicon crystalline and resists chemical etching. The Temporal Thermometer's case is ribbed for impact-resistance and annealed to protect against cleaning chemicals.Routine maintenance, such as cleaning and calibration, are required to keep your TAT-5000 fully accurate. Cleaning is easy, using cleaning wipes on the body, and an alcohol swabs on the lens. Calibration can be done by Exergen. Calibration can be verified in-house using the calibration verification kit - See accessories below. 041b061a72


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