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[S8E14] All You Need Is Love

Arizona enters the hospital with Mark. Lexie comes in after them. They stop to get a coffee as well. She asks if Callie has planned a camping trip on the side of a mountain, because she hates camping and it's all but sexy. Mark says they're not going camping, as Sofia would hate that. Arizona thought Callie said he was getting a sitter, but he thinks Callie has lost her mind because she also said they were going camping. He doesn't know for sure, but he does know that it's their night with Sofia. Arizona argues he needs to take Sofia, as it's the only way she can have sex with her wife, albeit on cold, hard ground. Mark objects that the thing with Julia is still fragile, so he need this more. "Than you better get a sitter," Arizona says. Lexie overheard their entire conversation, and after Arizona walks off, she tells Mark that she has plans. A hot date, and it's fragile too.

[S8E14] All You Need Is Love

In the wrecked ER, Cristina and Owen have gotten inside the van to examine the driver. He admits having fallen asleep for a second as he's been working like a dog all week, delivering flowers. As he's taken out of the van, he insists he needs to continue working, as the roses will wilt.

Meredith tells Randy that Janell is not responding to seizure meds. Derek explains she's in serious danger of suffering severe brain damage, which is why he'd like to place her in a medically-induced coma, preventing the seizures from damaging the brain and buying them time to figure out what's going on. Randy says they never talked about medical decisions, but Derek explains every seizure hurts her brain a little more. They need to do this now. Randy then gives consent and Derek starts instructing what needs to happen.

The van is towed out of the ER. The damage is being cleaned up. Lexie and Richard go outside into the ambulance bay. April is trying to secure the flowers, but Owen tells her to forget about them and get back to work. He walks off. Richard says she can't throw these flowers away, so she happily rushes off with them. Richard says everyone's a cynic these days, talking about not believing in Valentine's Day. He asks what's wrong with a day devoted to the person you love and says he takes it very seriously. Lexie knows he does and wishes him a happy anniversary. He thanks her and says he'll try to go home early to spend most of the day with his wife. He asks if she's hitting the town. "I'm not hitting much of anything these days," she says, but immediately apologizes. She says she has no plans as the ambulance arrives. As Nicole presents the case, the patient's angry girlfriend is yelling at him. She yells that they're over. He asks what happened at breakfast, as she was so happy first and then... She yells that she thought he was going to propose.

Meredith, who's eating chocolates out of a heart-shaped box, has asked Bailey for a consult. She discovered her seizing patient has a hemolytic anemia. This means she's having an autoimmune response, and if antibodies are attacking her red blood cells, why couldn't they be attacking her brain, causing the encephalitis? Bailey looks at the scans, and since there's no tumor, she understands she needs to be on the case. However, since she has Valentine's Day plans, she tells Meredith that they will rule out everything that could be attacking this woman's body in a timely and efficient manner. Meredith interrupts her and says it's a teratoma. She ordered a test for that, and it came back positive. "Showoff," Bailey says, and then goes off to get a scan. Meredith rushes after her with her chocolates.

Owen and Cristina are looking at the florist's scans. Teddy comes in and Owen tells her he has a intrapericardial diaphragmatic hernia. Teddy will need to reduce the hernia, so she orders Cristina to book an OR and find someone to scrub in with her. Cristina tells her Dr. Hunt has agreed to let her back on her service, so she can scrub in. Owen says they need to do the repair before the guy tamponades, so they need to move as quickly as possible.

While the cut is being taken care of, Sharon knows Lexie must thinks she's a bitch. She explains it's been 8 years, and every year, the build up gets worse. Eight years of cheap necklaces. Lexie says he may not know she wants it so bad, but Sharon says they go to 20 weddings a year and she sobs like a lunatic at every one. He knows she's not that sentimental. Richard wheels Charlie past them and tells Lexie they need to go to an OR now. He tells Sharon they're taking her fiancé up to surgery as he gets on an elevator. "He's not her fiancé," Lexie corrects him.

Lexie and Richard are in the OR. There's too much bleeding. They need to pack him and get him to the ICU to allow him to stabilize. Mark and Jackson come in for an examination on the patient. Mark wants Jackson to babysit as he can't cancel a Valentine's Day date. Women pretend they don't care, but they do a lot. Richard says he'll stay in the ICU to monitor, but Lexie says she'll stay because it's his anniversary. Mark thought she had a hot date. Jackson asks with whom. She stays silent, but Richard saves her by saying they would like to continue if Mark is done. Mark and Jackson leave. Lexie thanks Richard.

Cristina presses the elevator button. Owen comes over and presses it again, multiple times. He ignores her. They get on together. He tells her he's moving out. He'll be at his mom's if she needs him, until he figures something out. She starts crying, speechless and trying to hold back her tears. She lets go as soon as he gets off.

Terri tells Karla that she can go. Karla would love to, but Nico won't leave until he knows Clem is going to be okay. They start bickering over their parenting, until Alex interferes. He says they're only 10 and in love, and tells them to let their children be cute. Nico asks Alex's attention and says Clem is breathing funny. He needs to intubate. She is in anaphylactic shock, so they're gonna need to keep her overnight and see how she responds. Terri asks Karla to go now.

Lexie tells Sharon that Charlie's vitals are looking good. She asks if she can get Sharon anything. Sharon tells her about how she sent a picture of a ring she wanted to all of her sisters, so they could help Charlie surprise her when the time came. The ring was so important, but now Charlie is going through this. She doesn't care about the wedding anymore. She doesn't need a ring, she just needs him. She wants him to be okay.

Owen follows her. He wants to talk. He knows she's been through hell and that she's grieving, but he really needs a friend today. He suggests they go across the street so he can buy her many, many drinks. She asks if he's done. He is. She then blurts out she's hated him from the moment he decided to put the needs of his hospital over her dead husband. She lies alone in bed at night and looks at the spot where Henry used to sleep, and she actively, with every cell in her body, hates him. She wishes he were dead instead of him. She thinks about all the soldiers, good men, who died in Iraq and she doesn't understand what kind of god would allow him to survive. They are not friends, this is not grief, it will not pass, she hates him. As she walks away, she asks him not to speak to her again unless it's work-related.

Bailey and Meredith are explaining why they want to take out Janell's ovaries, because chances are high the teratoma is on one of them. Randy says they still want kids, so they have to do better than chances are. Meredith says they have to, because if they don't, the seizures will continue and her brain will be damaged so much, that eventually she'll no longer be the Janell that he loves.

Karla is trying to make Nico leave, but he refuses as he promised Clem to stay until she got better. Alex sides with Karla and says it's getting a little embarrassing. Nico is worried what Clem will think if she wakes up and he's not there. He thinks she'll think he doesn't love her. Alex says he'll be there when she wakes up and he offers to tell Clem whatever he wants him to. He wants Alex to write it down.

Bailey quickly finishes up in Janell's room. Outside, her phone rings. It's another patient. She tells Richard about it, and says her Valentine's day is ruined now. He says he can take the patient, but she says she doesn't want to ruin his night too, remembering it's his anniversary. He says he'd been home and his wife doesn't recognize him. She thought he looked like a nice guy, invited him to join her for dinner, flirted with him over steaks, thought he had a nice smile. So no, his wife is not mad right now. In fact, he thinks she's falling in love with him. She says she's sorry. He tells her to go, as he'd like to be alone right now with a kidney and a scalpel. She tries to leave calmly, but ends up running down the hallway.

Lexie is walking around with Zola, doubting about whether or not to go over to Mark's and tell him that she still loves him. Derek and a giggling Meredith get home. She tells them she wants to go, but Derek tells her to take Zola with her and drive her around, as she loves that. As Lexie is stunned, Meredith and Derek run up the stairs, telling Zola they'll be back.

Mark answers his door again. Lexie says that she thought the girls could have a playdate and they could talk. There's some stuff she's been wanting to say. Lexie hears noises and asks if it's Julia, because then she can go. Jackson asks him the same thing from the kitchen. Mark says he can make Jackson leave if she wants to talk, but she declines the offer. She tells them to have a very pleasant evening, but he tells her not to be stupid as she loves steak and drags her inside. He tells Sofia her friend is here.

Owen is standing in the vent room again. Cristina comes in. She begs him not to hate her. While Meredith's voice over says that sometimes, you simply need to call a truce to ease the pain caused by love, Cristina puts her hand on his chest, and he touches her arm, finally getting a little intimacy again.

We are always looking for ways to ease the pain. Sometimes we ease the pain by making the best of what we have, sometimes is by losing ourselves in the moment, and sometimes all we need to do to ease the pain is.. call a simple truce. 041b061a72


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