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Download 7G Rainbow Colony Mp4 Movie In Hindi

Download 7G Rainbow Colony Mp4 Movie In Hindi

Are you looking for a romantic drama movie to watch with your loved ones? Do you want to enjoy a movie that has a captivating story, realistic characters, and emotional music? If yes, then you should download 7G Rainbow Colony Mp4 Movie In Hindi.

Download 7G Rainbow Colony Mp4 Movie In Hindi

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7G Rainbow Colony is a 2004 Indian movie that was written and directed by Selvaraghavan. It was shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu languages, with the latter titled 7G Brindavan Colony. It stars debutant Ravi Krishna and Sonia Agarwal as the lead pair. The music was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, who won several awards for his work.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about 7G Rainbow Colony, why you should download it in MP4 format and in Hindi language, and how you can do it easily and legally. So, read on and get ready to experience a movie that will touch your heart.

What is 7G Rainbow Colony?

7G Rainbow Colony is a movie that tells the story of Kadhir, a young man who lives in a lower middle class colony in Chennai. He is considered a good-for-nothing person by his family and society, as he skips classes, fails exams, and gets into fights. His life changes when Anita, a girl from a once well-off family, moves into his colony after facing financial troubles. Kadhir falls in love with Anita, but she initially rejects him. However, as they get to know each other better, they develop a bond that transcends their differences.

A brief summary of the plot

The movie begins with Kadhir waiting for Anita at Marina Beach with a bouquet of flowers. He tells his best friend Lakshmi how he met Anita and how their relationship evolved. The movie then shows flashbacks of their love story.

Kadhir tries to woo Anita by following her around and expressing his interest. Anita treats him with disdain and insults him for his lack of ambition and manners. One day, Kadhir confesses his love to Anita and tells her that he loves her because she is the only person who ever noticed him. He promises to forget her if she wants him to.

Anita realizes that Kadhir is not as useless as he seems when Lakshmi tells her that he has a talent for fixing motorcycles. She takes him to a bike dealer and asks them to give him a job. Kadhir impresses them by assembling a bike in minutes and gets hired.

Anita starts to appreciate Kadhir's sincerity and kindness. She helps him b70169992d


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